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Between life and death we age. Having passed our biological and reproductive peak by the time we turn 26. With roughly two-thirds of our life span ahead of us, the physical decline begins.

With each passing year, energy and libido diminish as do muscles and bone mass. Unwanted body fat, on the other hand, steadily accumulates. Our immune system slows down, compromising our ability to fight the infection and disease that may eventually take our lives. And ironically, memory, the one thing that connects us to our youth, also begins to suffer.

Since ancient times, man has searched for the fountain of youth - the key to reversing the aging process. That key was discovered a decade ago and published in a landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine (Rudman, D et al. "Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old." NEJM 323:1-6 1990) This study and over a hundred subsequent others, proves that the symptoms of aging can be controlled - even reversed by restoring essential hormones back to those levels when we were young and at our physical and sexual best.

In 1994, the FDA authorized the use of Human Growth Hormone for adults. For the

first time, adults are now able to have their age-related deficiency in this critical hormone replaced safely with natural, pharmaceutically produced Human Growth Hormone. The results of HGH replacement are astounding. This is as big a discovery in medicine as antibiotics or the X-ray machine.

Aging can now be delayed and even reversed. Studies have shown that Biomarkers of Aging (strength, reaction time, skin elasticity, vital capacity, concentration, memory, bone density, visual accommodation, hearing, tactile sense, and others) can be reversed 10-20 years. Patients experience 1% gain in lean muscle mass per month and 2% loss of body fat per month. Skin wrinkles and age spots disappear. "It's like plastic surgery from the inside-out". Sexual vitality returns. We anticipate that with HGH replacement along with other indicated hormone replacement including nutrition and exercise, that we can now expect to live to the age of 125 in excellent health.

Proven anti-aging treatment programs are available today through a rapidly growing number of physicians of the new medical specialty - Anti-Aging Medicine. Anti-Aging medicine approaches human aging as a "disease" that can be controlled or reversed. Of course, chronological aging will continue but the physical and mental changes of aging can be reversed. Instead of trying to prevent and treat age-related diseases one at a time, like much of today's traditional medicine, the underlying cause aging is treated on the DNA, cellular, organ and physiological level.